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Our flexible payment services are simple and easy to use. We help keep you and your vehicle rolling by financing unexpected expensive vehicle repairs.

No credit check is necessary since the value of your vehicle establishes the money available. With a little current personal information, a valid driver's licence, insurance and ownership, consumers can be on their way with no out of pocket expense and 30 days before their first payment.

Advantagewon finances only the repair. We don't offer additional money or tie up credit worthiness by issuing 'lines of credit'. Our goal is to keep consumers vehicles moving and get the repairs paid off as soon as possible.

Applying is quick and easy, using our internet based application. Simply click ‘Apply Now’ and fill in a couple of pieces of information. We require your name, how you would like us to contact you, the vehicle information and the price of the repair, in order to qualify for a loan. QUICK AND SIMPLE as promised! - About Us